Vera Voss

Vera Vos, FNP has just joined our practice and is accepting new patients. Before becoming a nurse practitioner. Vera received a BS degree in Research Biology from Humboldt State University in CA. Her experience as a field biologist helped her recognize the tremendous impact of environment to the health of all species, including humans. 

She brings her knowledge of biology and ecology to health care by working in partnership with patients to create a personal environment that not only cultivates the absence of disease but supports optimal health. Her background has given her a unique perspective of the epidemic of chronic disease and the effectiveness of combining medical and other therapies with life patterns to promote health. She recognizes the challenges of both identifying and changing habits that interfere with optimal health. 

Vera received her RN and FNP from OHSU. She completed intensive programs in Geriatric Medicine at OHSU and Mind/Body Medicine at Harvard School of Medicine. She has a strong interest in the role of nutrition and exercise to health. She has provided primary care to patients at PeaceHealth in Eugene and at Rosewood Family Medicine and Providence Clinic SE in Portland. She is co-chair of the Medical Committee of the Oregon Public Health Association. 

Vera is Dutch/Indonesian and immigrated to the US when she was in elementary school. She lives with her husband and enjoys spending time with their 3 children and other friends and family in the Portland area. She loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker and tennis player.