Amy Beltaine

Rev. Amy Beltaine, Spiritual Mentoring: For dispirited helpers navigating change who worry about making a difference. You don't have to do it alone. Learn and live your gifts, do your work in flow, fully nourished, and connected to purpose. Spiritual Mentoring connects you with wisdom from our bodies, ancestors, tribes, land, and universal experience, so your way opens. I use many modalities to connect you to what you hold holy and light your path to spirit: Song, movement, Lectio-divina, Physio-divina, conversation, and more.

I am a Unitarian Universalist minister and Spiritual Director rooted in Earth-relating spirituality. Unitarian ~ the divine is One with many names. Universalist ~ you are a gift, and that what you do matters. Clients describe me as "Way-lighter", "compassionate", "hopeful", "gentle", "joyful", and "full of integrity". I give you the strength to allow yourself to be broken, and the faith to know that we mend.

See my website at 503-877-2692