Calendula: Healing your Wounds both Psychic and Physical by Julie Foster Family Nurse Practitioner


A sweet friend has a garden full and shared her bounty.

Apparently it grows like a weed.

I will make an remedy of
Infused Oil
Calendula Essence in an alcohol tincture

Calendula helps with wound healing, both psychic and skin wounds.

The oil applied is nice for wanting to feel more secure. Great for babies getting used to being out of the womb into the world. Sometimes us adults feel vulnerable like babies.

The tincture applied to infection prone wounds after soaking and cleaning. Apply with gauze and let air dry.

The salve to help move along a healing wound to seal and make new skin (granulation).

I am drying out for a day and then will get started making medicine.

I also was gifted seeds to propagate for my home.

Let the healing begin!

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