Julie Foster-Pohala

Julie Foster is the founder of Pohala- A Place of Healing and culminates 25 years of Nursing and Integrative Medicine. She is a fully licensed and board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who bridges Mainstream Medicine to Anthroposophic Medicine including Naturopathy and Indigenous wisdom. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Nursing with Science Honors from Linfield College in 1991 and her Master's Degree in Nursing, specializing in Family Medicine, from Gonzaga University in 1998.

Julie’s service to Nursing and Medicine runs a remarkable span. At 14 years old she started as a candystriper volunteer at our local Portland Adventist Hospital, and worked her way through nursing school as an emergency room technician. By 22 years old she became an emergency department nurse and excelled by certifying in Trauma/Emergency Nursing.  

By age 27 she attended graduate school, continuing her ER work in a rural setting while she applied her interest for indigenous and integrative medicine. It was during this time she also discovered the work of Rudolf Steiner and his contributions to education and Anthroposophic Medicine.  

She too had the fortunate happening to be at the inception of a collaborative integrative healing center and was exposed to a multitude of modalities. For her thesis she conducted a qualitative study on the use of an integrative therapy. Since becoming a Nurse Practitioner she has always applied integrative medicine.

She has completed in addition to her conventional medical requirements, trainings for integrative medicine to include mentorship in Anthroposophic Medicine. Along the way she even Waldorf- homeschooled her children learning the therapeutic aspects of education. She has taught and precepted NP, nursing and medical students.

Furthermore with her family history of schizophrenia, bipolar, trauma and addictions she sought to understand the care of the chronically mentally ill by offering her expertise of primary and women’s healthcare to our local institutionalized psychiatric hospital.

She is a 6th generation Native Oregonian born and raised in Portland. Native Hawaiian through her father’s lineage she is Hapa Mainlander and loves all things Hawaiian as well as traveling to support the causes of indigenous rights worldwide and medical charity.

Her volunteer work is deeply seated in sustaining ancient indigenous spirituality and promoting the movement of anthroposophy. She cherishes time with family including her 4 children, loves traveling, kundalini yoga, hula dancing, being in nature, and understanding healing within individuals and the world at large.

Julie and her husband Michael, have been actively involved supporting and facilitating Rites of Passage ceremonies, such as Vision Quest, Men’s and Women’s groups, and Coming of Age for Girls and Boys.

Julie’s healing approach cannot be described in a few words. She draws on ancient and modern wisdom for healing. She is like the auntie who can soothe your pain while offering expert medical advice and treatment for whatever ails you. She draws on what is needed in the moment for healing from a physical remedy to a spiritual healing.

Appointments may be as a simple as a blood pressure reading all the way to sorting through a cancer diagnosis for meaning and guidance, hospicing a loved one in a gracious way, or creating a spiritual ceremony clearing whatever is called forth.

As Medical Director Julie is privy to the intricate challenges of our healthcare system. Aware that our humanity is at risk she strives to maintain a level of personalized care while providing A Place of Healing of expert medical guidance, whether by means of mind, body, or spirit.

Her leadership in the workplace is infused with the Aloha Spirit, creating a balance between ethical and sustainable business practices while maintaining a sense of Ohana, where we are all family, together and with the ones we serve, locally and universally.

  • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Practitioners of Oregon/ NP owner
  • Physicians Association for Anthroposophic Medicine
  • First Class Member of Anthroposophic Society
  • Portland Branch for Anthroposophic Society
  • Emergency/Trauma Nurse 1992-1999